The Purolator Hie 40H Pleated Filters Develop a Safer Respiratory Natural environment

Let me start off by stating that I am not compensated in any way by Purolator or any of the company's subsidiaries. This report is an aim evaluation of what I have found to be a item which is incredibly successful at raising the protection and well being of staff who have to perform in high temperature situations. As the stepson of a guy stricken with mesothelioma, this is an space of concern to me individually.

Purolator Hie forty Pleated Filters produce a safer breathing natural environment with their advanced building design and style. A medium efficiency pleated filter, it is specially created for use in units involving elevated working temperatures. These kinds of an environment can depart personnel susceptible to heated airborne particles just by respiratory.

Solidly created, the perimeter frame of the hello-E 40H is built from 24 gauge aluminized steel. This rugged construction insures the filter stays intact and all set for motion. The pleated element is supported downstream by a 24 gauge expanded aluminized steel facial area guard. This insures the balance of the media pack when working at elevated temperatures.

pipe marking , if not even more vital, is the filter media where the task of a filter is finished. In this circumstance, the filter media is 1/4" thick, substantial density extremely fantastic fiberglass bolstered by a woven fiberglass mesh. Particles are captured and held wherever they simply cannot escape into the atmosphere and breathed in by employees.

The Hi-E 40H is built to operate at four hundred levels F consistently. On the other hand, it might be subjected to temperatures up to 450 levels F for quick durations of not a lot more than 10 minutes. Any lengthier exposure destinations the filter media's design and effectiveness to the chance of currently being compromised.

Most purposes for the Hi-E 40H are served by the two measurements. This filter is provided in 2 inch and 4 inch widths and will come with these features:

90-93% Average Arrestance (ASHRAE 52.1-1992)

Large Density Extremely Fine Fiberglass Pleated Media

Woven Fiberglass Mesh Reinforcement

24 ga Aluminized Metal Frame

Wedge Formed Pleats w/ Expanded Steel Aid

In work environments where by breathing heated airborne particles is a chance, the Purolator Hie 40H performs its undertaking dutifully. All over again, temperatures earlier mentioned 450 levels really should be avoided if feasible and, if not, confined to no far more than ten minutes in period.

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